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There are things that can mark a milestone in the pregnancy a couple’s life. Emotions such as anxiety, fear, surprise, can occur throughout it. Sex during pregnancy has long been considered taboo. Now it usually continues throughout pregnancy, although this varies from one couple to another and at different times. Many women do not want to have sex during pregnancy, while others see their libido increase, there is no general rule. The woman’s body will change over time as the fetus grows. The breasts become increasingly volume, and there will be plenty of other things to face, such as nausea, fatigue and prepare for changes that will occur in your lives. Sometimes it’s even the dad who sees his libido decrease, for example by the fear he may have hurt the baby.

Hormones circulating in the body of the woman are very high levels during pregnancy, and it frequently happens that the color of the vulva and darkens the lips thicken.

Many couples who no longer have to worry about contraception, react and enjoy sex more. Some evidence that the new positions that have tried, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, have become part of their way to make love after the end of pregnancy. For most couples, pregnancy will further strengthen their relationship. It is a mark of their commitment to one another. For others it can be a problem, especially if one partner has questions about the changes that parenthood will bring to his life. This is a time when dialogue is absolutely essential.

After delivery, some couples are able to resume sexual activity within weeks. Others are not getting their habits for 6 or 12 months, and for some, it may take up to two years.

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